This Open Letter was published on 6 December 2017. It is currently signed by over 175 members of the University of Birmingham.

If you are a member of the University of Birmingham and you would like your name to be added, email to: bham.highpay@gmail.com in the format “name, position” – e.g. “Shazia Munir, undergraduate student” or “Joan Smith, lecturer”.

The letter, and the issues that it raises, have so far featured in the following media reports:

Guardian, 5 December 2017, “Birmingham academics protest over university vice-chancellor’s pay

Kehinde Andrews, 7 December 2017, writes in the The Guardian, “University food banks are monuments to the obscene pay of vice-chancellors“, describing how, ‘staff at the University of Birmingham are protesting the obscene pay of their vice-chancellor’ and that ‘Eastwood is reserved a special circle in neoliberal hell because, alongside Baroness Julia King, who was then at Aston, they were the only VCs to sit on the Browne Review that led to market forces being unleashed on universities’.

Mike Savage, leading UK Sociologist, remarks on Twitter, that ‘Great to see standing up like this. My experience of advising is the worst of my professional career. Have often seen poor university management, this set a new low.” (7 Dec 2017)

David Bailey, Branch Secretary of the University of  Birmingham branch of UCU, discussing the letter on Talk Radio, 7 Dec 2017. Full interview here.

Guardian, 13 December 2017, “Universities minister demands restraint over vice-chancellors’ pay